Ask for 3rd party certification


3rd party certification is your guarantee that the steel reinforcement supplied on your project conforms to Australian Standards.

It demonstrates an independent, JAS-ANZ accredited organisation has assessed the conformance of a supplier’s processed bar and welded mesh and certified that it meets AS/NZS 4671 – Steel reinforcing materials, and complies with AS 3600 – Concrete structures, AS 5100.5 – Bridge design – Concrete, and AS 2870 – Residential slabs and footings.

Builders need to be aware that non-compliant reinforcing steel puts Australians who live and work in their buildings at risk. The prevalence of serious compliance failures in recently constructed buildings, including non-compliant cladding, structurally unsound roof construction, and poorly constructed fire resisting elements, has resulted in Federal and State Building Ministers commissioning a report to address the problem. 

Professor Peter Shergold and Ms. Bronwyn Weir made 24 recommendations to the Building Minister’s Forum (BMF) in their report, ‘Building Confidence – Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia’. In Recommendation 21 - Building Product Safety, Shergold and Weir recommend that the BMF agrees its position on the establishment of a compulsory product certification system for high-risk building products.

The Procurement of Construction Products – A Guide to achieving compliance, written by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council, will assist in your understanding and procurement of high-risk building products, including why 3rd party product certification should come from a JAS-ANZ accredited organisation.

The SRIA supports 3rd party certification to guarantee processed reinforcing steel quality. 

Download a list of our processor members who you can approach for 3rd party certification.