We're making it easy for Builders to 'Guarantee Quality'


I asked the builder: how do you know your reinforcing steel conforms to Australian Standards? His answer: well… that’s a good question… we don’t.

We asked 32 builders this question and found that 3 in 4 don’t know.

Builders understand their responsibility to deliver compliant, safe buildings that perform over the long-term. They also know that if they use non-conforming building products they are putting Australians who live and work in their building at risk.

What they don’t know is how do they determine if their reinforcing steel meets Australian Standards.

The Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) has done the hard work for the builder. As the not-for-profit institute representing reinforcing steel processing capability in Australia’s building and construction industry, we’re making it easy for Builders to ‘Guarantee Quality’ of supply.

Quality Guaranteed

Conformance to Australian Standards is guaranteed when you get your reinforcing steel from an SRIA Processor Member.

These 11 companies meet SRIA’s Processor Member quality requirements:

Active Steel

AKZ Reinforcing




Bianco Reinforcing

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing

Mesh & Bar

Neumann Steel


Wire Industries

SRIA members guarantee conformance to AS/NZS 4671 – Steel reinforcing materials, and comply with AS 3600 – Concrete structures, AS 5100 – Bridge design, and AS 2870 – Residential slabs and footings.

Don’t take the risk with non-conforming building products. Get your reinforcing steel from SRIA members who comply with Australian Standards.