University Lectures

As part of its commitment to the future of Australia’s building industry, the SRIA lectures at universities providing up-to-date design and specification materials free of charge to over 3,000 students every year.

The SRIA presents annual Undergraduate Awards for Excellence in Reinforced Concrete Design. This includes a cash prize for the student who gains the highest mark in the subject in which the SRIA lecture is delivered.

Our Tertiary Support Package is designed to support all Australian universities teaching Civil/Structural Engineering Degrees. This valuable and practical reinforcement education package is conditional upon embracing the five items listed below:-
  • A SRIA Lecture to students entitled “Reinforcement Fabrication & Detailing”.  It typically consists of a 90 minute Power Point presentation that aims to enlighten students about some practical aspects of steel reinforced concrete construction, as well as noting some of the properties and requirements for reinforcing steels contained in the Concrete Structures Standard AS 3600 and the Steel reinforcing Materials Standard AS/NZS 4671;
  • Offering the SRIA Award for Excellence in Reinforced Concrete Design and a $500 prize to the student who gains the highest mark in the subject in which the SRIA lecture is given.
  • A complimentary copy of the recently released Reinforcement Detailing Handbook to each student;
  • Distribution of a  copy of the SRIA Resources DVD “Reinforcing Australian Construction” to each student  that contains some useful material for use in design, as well as links to web sites of the SRIA and SRIA members and associated organisations;
  • Distribution of various SRIA member design aids.
If you would like to receive more details on the SRIA Tertiary Education Support Package please contact us on