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1. Building Assets not Liabilities (Continuously Reinforced Road Pavements)

2. Quiet Concrete Roads (Methods and advantages of achieving 'Quiet' road surfaces)

3. Road User Disruption Costs (The 'Hidden' Cost of Road Maintenance)

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SRIA Members - Quality Guaranteed


SRIA Members comply with Australian Standards guaran..

We're making it easy for Builders to 'Guarantee Quality'


I asked the builder: how do you know your reinforcing steel conforms to Australi..

TN7 - Stress Development & Lap Splicing of Straight D500N Tensile Reinforcing Bars to AS 3600


This new publication is now available free for download following registration of contact detail..

Reinforced Steel Welding Coordinator Course


REINFORCED STEEL WELDING COORDINATOR COURSE - WTIA Industry has identified incidents of fail..

Seismic Design & Detailing Webinars


Seismic Design and Detailing Overview While there is a statutory requirement..

Guide to Seismic Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia


The SRIA Guide is now available! Click here to download (/pdfs/SRIA_Guide_to_Seismic_Design_onli..

New Bar Chair Standard AS/NZS 2425:2015


The SRIA is pleased to announce that after over 18 months of development, SAI Global have releas..

SRIA Enviromental Sustainabilty Policy (ESP)


Download PDF version here ( SRIA’s goal is ..

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