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SRIA aims to remain the contact point for specialist reinforcement knowledge, technical enquiries, addressing the needs of the construction industry and provide a hub of sound technical data.

Our aim is to educate industry and disseminate steel reinforcement knowledge via regular publications, lectures, seminars, research programs and tours.

Awarding Excellence

The SRIA presents annual Undergraduate Awards for Excellence in Reinforced Concrete Design. This includes a cash prize for the student who gains the highest mark in the subject in which the SRIA lecture is delivered.

Our sincere congratulations go to the recipients of the 2017 academic year SRIA Award for Excellence (announced during 2018) for their outstanding academic achievement:

Keimil Leanne Chung Deakin University

Joshua Hniat University of Tasmania

Hayden Matthew Tighe James Cook University

Dean Grebert & Hagan William Turier QUT

Arthur Hyde Southern Cross University
Jorja Zanotto University of Melbourne

Michael Neal Federation University

Jarrod Butcher University of SA


David Fulton University of Southern QLD


Boi Tran Ly UTS


Mayank Gupta Victoria University

Syhra Fieck Western Sydney University

Ritesh Poudel Charles Darwin University

James Graham The University of Sydney

Jason Hunt University of Wollongong

Michael McDonald CQU

Cameron Uys University of the Sunshine Coast

Samuel Arthurson The University of Adelaide

Lewis Gooch The University of Newcastle

SRIA events & activities include

Office Seminars:
SRIA staff regularly visit consulting engineers, specifiers and builders to discuss industry issues, projects and to further develop knowledge on the use of steel reinforcement and construction methods. Free in-house lectures are available on request.

Special research:
Recent SRIA research projects include reinforcement bond tests and an extensive testing program for Class L mesh slabs. This important research is bringing the latest information and design requirements to practitioners

Professional development:
As part of its commitment to the future of Australia’s building industry, the SRIA lectures at universities providing up-to-date design and specification materials free of charge to over 3,000 students every year.

Industry leadership:
SRIA staff present technical papers at major national and international conferences on the latest advances in the use of steel-reinforced concrete. Copies of SRIA papers are available free of charge from this website under Publications.

For participation in our events, contributions to this section or to enquire about further details on our activities please contact us on (02) 9144 2602 or