We test our REO to guarantee performance

- Thursday, July 29, 2021

You cannot tell by looking at a length of reinforcing bar or sheet of mesh whether it complies with the Australian Standard or will perform as expected because it all looks the same, regardless of where it came from.

Builders reduce this risk by putting trust in their supplier to supply reo that performs to design specifications. We know because we asked them. Our survey found that 75% of builders assume their supplier is delivering reo that conforms to AS/NZS 4671 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. 

But they don’t know for sure.

The easiest way for builders to be 100% confident is to buy their bar and mesh from a member of the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia.

A prerequisite of SRIA membership is an independent JAS-ANZ accredited organisation (ACRS or equivalent) must test and certify the applicant’s steel reinforcement to guarantee quality and traceability through the supply chain. All 9 of our members: Active SteelARCAUSREOBESTBARBianco ReinforcingInfraBuild, Mesh & BarNeumann Steeland Wire Industries hold current 3rd Party Processor Certificates to prove the bar and mesh they supply in Australia has been processed correctly and conforms to our Standards AS/NZS 4671, AS 3600, and AS 5100.5.

Our members are doing their part to make Australia’s building industry trustworthy and safeSo don’t take the risk of using non-conforming steel reinforcement. It endangers Australians who will live and work in your building.

Download 3rd Party Processor Certificates

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