The SRIA is committed to modern easy-to-use design standards for steel-reinforced concrete construction in Australia. The SRIA contributes to all related Australian Standards committees. SRIA staff will assist with queries regarding the interpretation of these standards.

SRIA Processors benchmark both locally and internationally to sustain world’s best practice across design, specification, production and supply. The SRIA strives to achieve quality and continuous improvement through its active involvement in Standards Australia, with representation on the following Committees:

BD-002 Concrete structures (AS 3600)

WD-003 Welding of structures (AS 1554)

BD-006 Structural design actions (AS 1170)

BD-025 Residential slabs and footings (AS 2870) 

BD-066 Tilt-up concrete construction (AS 3850)

BD-084 Steel reinforcing materials (AS/NZS 4671) 

BD-090 Bridge design (AS 5100) 

BD-098 Guide to residential pavements (AS 3727).

The SRIA also works collaboratively with like associations to develop areas supporting design, education and market development.

The SRIA is a member of the following Associations:

BPIC         - Building Products & Innovation Council
ACRS        - Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel
Fib           - The International Federation for Structural Concrete
CIA          - Concrete Institute of Australia
ACI          - American Concrete Institute
SAI Global