Capability and Footprint

SRIA Processor Members supply steel reinforcement into resource, engineering construction, commercial and residential projects. This comprises both cut and bent reinforcing bar or manufactured reinforcing mesh. SRIA Member companies source, schedule, process and distribute packaged solutions to meet the clients’ procurement strategies and project plans.

The SRIA Processor footprint spreads across all states of Australia and the distribution network provides a reliable and efficient just-in-time supply chain. Steel reinforcement traditionally has very short lead times measured in hours to days. Members understand the customer needs and the importance of service and delivery performance on the project construction plan. SRIA members efficiently control and manage risk in reinforcement supply. Engaging the professional members of the reinforcement supply chain will turn potential risk into opportunity. With early SRIA Processor Member involvement on projects, customers can confidently build in these shorter lead times after the issuing of final construction documentation.

To get full details of individual members capability, please access their website through the link provided in the members section.