EXPERTISE - Concrete Roads

Give Your Project The Concrete Advantage

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Roads Pavement (CRCP) is a form of road construction which utilises slip-formed quality concrete and steel reinforcement.
The use of continuous steel reinforcement enables the construction of almost transverse-joint-free pavements which provide a long lasting, smooth riding road surface ideally suited to high traffic volume freeways, urban arterials and interstate highways.

The steel reinforcement and concrete industries have been extolling the low maintenance, high value virtues of concrete roads for over 70 years.

However in 1994, SRIA recognised that while CRCP's long-life of over 40 years and low maintenance were key benefits, the decisions to build different pavement types were often political in nature and with very short-term vision. We have commissioned economic research to address both the short-term and long-term benefits of CRCP. These are described in more detail in the reports available below. However consider the economic benefits of CRCP
Import Replacement - CRCP uses all locally sourced materials whereas bitumen can only be economically sourced from imported crude oil.

Employment Multiplier - CRCP is a major project which can boost short-term employment in the material supply industries.

Maintenance Deferral - CRCP is less sensitive to deterioration, if maintenance is deferred.

Competitive Cost - taken on a whole-of-life basis with realistic discount rates, CRCP can be very competitive through its low maintenance and low user disruption.

Federal and State Governments must deliver value for money in infrastructure development. The use of CRCP on selected projects will provide immediate benefits to all Australians and reduce the cost burden for future generations.

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