Workplace Health & Safety

SRIA’s National Safety Group promotes industry wellbeing and a safe and healthy working environment. The SRIA records trend data and monitors national industry statistics on lost-time injuries (LTI’s) and medical treatment injuries (MTI’s) from participating Processor Members. This data enables each company to compare and benchmark their safety record against the National industry values for continuous improvement of their Safety Policy or Safety Management System. 

Historical data reveals impressive achievement by the Steel Reinforcement Industry considering that the order of 0.5 million man hours per month is accrued. Consistent improvement and performance is a reflection of the safety conscious companies the SRIA represents. The ultimate aim is to achieve an accident free workplace with zero harm to all steel reinforcing industry employees and contractors.

The SRIA National Safety Group meets quarterly around the country at member’s manufacturing premises. This group comprises the Safety Managers from each member Processor company and is chaired by SRIA’s Executive Director. Members work together to share their collective knowledge to ensure the member companies have a consistent approach toward a safer work environment and awareness of safety issues within the reinforcement processing industry.

The following graph of the indicative trend data depicts this focus on continuous improvement.