You’re in good hands if your reo supplier is on this list


Over 140,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement is supplied in our market each year from unknown origins. This steel may, or may not, conform to Australian standards. If the reo doesn’t comply with AS/NZS 4671, then you’re putting Australians who live and work in your building at risk.

We make it easy for builders, engineers and designers to know for sure if the processed bar and welded mesh supplied on their project conforms to Australian standards.  

Get your reo from a Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia member, who offers:

Quality guaranteed

SRIA requires all members to hold a current JAS-ANZ accredited 3rd party processor certificate to prove their bar and mesh conforms to AS/NZS 4671. Additionally, all nine of our members have compliant ISO 9001 quality management systems.  

These certifications prove our members’ commitment to long-term quality.

Safe work practices

The building and construction industry must maintain minimum safety standards. Carefully select a supplier who takes all practical steps to ensure the steel reinforcement is safely loaded on your truck when picking up, and safely unloaded when delivered to site.

SRIA members track and share their Lost Time Injury, Medical Time Injury, and All Injury Frequency Rates with each other at our National Safety Group meetings to benchmark performance and share safety improvement initiatives.

Australian jobs

Our members employ over 4,500 Australians and operate a national distribution network. Not only are you getting guaranteed quality when you buy reo from an SRIA member, you’re supporting Australian jobs.

Sustainable operations

Most of the raw steel our members source is manufactured using 95% recycled steel content through electric arc furnace steelmaking. SRIA members reduce material waste and construction time by prefabricating welded cages, such as piles and diaphragm walls in quality controlled factories.

You won’t get these benefits from just any steel reinforcement supplier.

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